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Executive Board

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Norbert Zoltán Schöner.JPG

Norbert Zoltan Schöner

1. Chairman

  • Member since 2016

  • Profession: medical doctor

  • Hobbies: diving, gardening, botany,  Classical music, 


  • Preparation and direction of:

    • club meetings

    • meetings of the board of directors

    • office meetings etc.

    • Monitoring and implementation of  General meeting and board resolutions

  • Representation of the association at:

    • contacts with authorities

    • assembly of associations

    • events of other clubs

Further tasks:

  • Preparation of the annual report

  • Handling of special problems of the association

  • Signing of all correspondence of the association

  • Control of incoming invoices

  • Distribution of special tasks and substitutions

  • Overview of all club business 

Dorothea Mausolf.JPG

Dorothea Mausolf

2nd Chair

  • Member since 2007

  • Occupation: retired/ part-time

  • Hobbies: family, garden, DEG, football


  • Deputizing for the 1st chairman

  • organization of meetings

  • Taking on statistical and special tasks

  • Management of negotiations on behalf of the 1st Chairman

Heiko Schöner.JPG

Heiko Schoener

1. Cashier

  • Member since 2016

  • Profession: manager/coach

  • Hobbies: diving, gardening, social media, music


  • Management of the entire financial system

  • Budget monitoring

  • Management of the club accounts

  • Collection of annual contributions

  • Banking support

  • Notification of incoming donations for donation receipt

  • Fundraising/ sponsoring: Requests for funding from subsidy providers, foundations and individuals

  • Maintain contacts with potential donors

Barbara Hackmann.JPG

Barbara Hackman

1. Secretary

  • Member since 2011

  • Occupation: pensioner

  • Hobbies: travelling, gardening, music


  • completion of ongoing  Correspondence

  • Keeping the minutes of assemblies and meetings

  • Writing invitations

  • Member administration and support

  • Ordering of printed matter

  • clubhouse administration

Extended board

Our support in all club matters

Willie Bongartz


Dietmar Mausolf


Guido Beyer



board representative

Committed to a good cause

Our competent team of garden friends from a wide variety of professions  forms the backbone of the KGV War Damaged Düsseldorf Oberbilk 1920 eV. Your ideas and your voluntary commitment shape the overall picture and appearance of our association. Here you can find more information about our team.

Board of Directors

community work
(old site)

Classification of community work and its supervision. Creation of attendance and planning of implementation.

Martina Mueller
Marion Dotsch
Astrid Hass

cash check

Review of the annual results, budget and account overview on behalf of the board and as representatives of the interests of all allotment gardeners in the association.

Barbara Hackman

clubhouse administration

administration of the clubhouse. Coordination of rental events.

to forgive

community work
(new terrain)

Classification of community work and its supervision. Creation of attendance and planning of implementation.

Gerhard Fries

legal counsel
of the board

Advice and assistance to the board of directors on legal issues and arbitration matters.

Joseph cloud
Matthew Hecker

machine attendant
(both terrains)

Maintenance and care of the machine park.

Torsten Haas

water attendant
(both terrains)


Contact person in the event of disruptions to the water supply on the association's leased premises.

Michael Dittel
Heiko Schoener

social media

Administration and maintenance of the public appearance  our club  -  social media, internet,  home page

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