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Member office hours

We take our time for you!

In addition to the garden, an important point in the club is living together. Smaller and larger problems inevitably arise here again and again - no different than in a tenancy. The members' consultation hour should actively contribute to the solution

contract documents

Missing documents?

We will be happy to update your documents on site and check that they are complete - please bring your documents and contracts with you.

Invoices & Payments

Difficulties with an invoice or the payment modalities?

We would be happy to go through your bill together step by step.


What is allowed and what is not?

We guide you through the jungle of regulations, do's and don'ts and create clarity and understanding.

Dispute & Arbitration

Problems in the club?

The dispute  *on the garden fence* is not part of the board area. However, bullying, racism and slander is a topic that we take up immediately.

Horticultural advice

Do you need help with your garden design?

In the consultation hours we give you useful tips or discuss your problems directly in your plot.

garden task

Termination of the lease?

Of course that's a pity, but work and family sometimes bring a change of location with them. We will discuss the processes and deadlines with you and initiate everything.

No upcoming events at the moment

Your contacts on the board

Keyboard and Mouse

Norbert, 1st Chairman

I am your contact for all questions regarding contract law, problems in the association, but also for questions about design and plant procurement.

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